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All competitors, as well as all those who are involved in any way in the organization of the Gucevo Challenger 2024 race, are obliged to know and respect the content of the rules.

Ignorance of the content of the rulebook in no way excludes liability or the consequences of non-compliance.

General information:

Organizer: Moto Club HARD ENDURO LOZNICA - Serbia

Race name: GUCEVO CHALLENGER 2024 Date: 24-25.May 2024

Race place: City of Loznica, Place Banja Koviljaca, mountain Gucevo, state of Serbia

Info desk / Login, location: near the start of the prologue, in a visibly marked place

Web site:


Online registration: Registration for Gucevo challenger 2024 (will be open from February 1, 2024 at 12:00 local time) Applications are made electronically via the club's official website through a form highlighted with clearly marked fields to be filled out. Applications close on May 5, 2024, when the official start list is published. Until then, the schedule of drivers on the list follows the order of registration.

Gucevo challenger is an OPEN race in which all drivers can participate, regardless of their nationality, while the age limit is limited to 60.

Accommodation options: and TURIST BIRO Banja Koviljača 015 / 818-481; 064/856 82 66

The nearest gas station is 100 m from the prologue. There are two more pumps that are up to 5 km away


  • Race director: Zoran Simić
  • Jury members:
  • President: Aleksandar Nikolic
  • Member: Stefan Radičević
  • Member: Zoran Petrović
  • Member: Mihailo Markovic
  • Application Director: Mladen Petrovic
  • Timing: Timing service
  • Director of the GSS medical team: Zoran Matić
  • Secretary of the race: Aleksandar Nikolić
  • Contact person for race competitors: Zoran Simić 063 / 325-373 and Aleksandar Nikolić 063 / 8-151-131

Registration fee

The registration fee for Gucevo Challenger 2024 is 18000.00 dinars (150 €) for all competitors, and 22,000 dinars (180 €) if the registration fee is paid after May 1, 2024 00:00 local time.

instrukcije devizna uplata

SWIFT CODE: OTPVRS22 -- IBAN: RS35325960150025823904

Instructions for the payment outside Serbia

Payments are made to the bank account listed on the site (and on the example of the payment slip) through a form that is highlighted with clearly marked fields to be filled out. Payments are concluded on May 1, 2024, when the official start list is published.

The registration / entry fee costs, as well as any other costs, will not be reimbursed if the entrant is prevented from attending the competition, nor in any case of withdrawal, abandonment of the competition or disqualification from the race.

The Competition Office and Info Desk is the starting point of all events related to the course and organization of the competition, such as: registration of competitors, information, placement table, filing complaints, awarding prizes, additional questions, etc.

The notice board will be located within the competition camp, where information and news related to the competition itself, daily placement, schedule and possible changes will be available throughout the competition.

The organizer will publish all information in accordance with the times.


Any enduro or motocross motorcycle, with a tank of minimum volume 7l, two-stroke or four-stroke engine, with one or two cylinders that has passed the technical inspection, is acceptable at the starting line. For classes A, B, C and Veteran, the rule is that single-cylinder engines up to 550cc with a displacement can participate in these categories, and engines over these limits can apply in the Tourist class

The technical correctness will be checked by the technical delegate, before the start of the formalities and registration of the competitors.

The organizer will not allow motorcycles with major technical shortcomings or any noticeable changes that could endanger other competitors or spectators.

Motorcycles that have an oil or fuel leak, or that have a damaged exhaust will not be accepted.

Motorcycles that do not have enduro, motocross or trial tires that are in good condition will not be able to start. (minimum 50% rubber).

It is forbidden to use tires with nails, screws, or any other metal inserts.

Any repairs, replacement of parts or technical interventions on motorcycles are allowed only in the service area (in the park ferme)


Start numbers will be divided by the organizer according to the ordinal numbers during registration.

Start numbers cannot be changed during the competition.

It is forbidden to start the race without the starting number assigned by the organizer.

Competitors are prohibited from bringing their own start numbers.

  • For class A the numbers are from 1 to 99 (numbers will be colored red)
  • For class B the numbers are from 101 to 299 (the numbers will be colored yellow)
  • For the Veteran class they are from 301 to 399 (numbers will be painted white)
  • For class C they are from 401 to 499 (numbers are colored blue)
  • Arrival and registration of participants: Arrival and registration ends on May 24, 2024 at 09:00! Upon arrival at the competition, all participants will contact the organizer, who will set up an info desk, clearly marked and visible, where competitors will receive all the necessary information about the competition. Each participant is required to sign a statement of participation at their own risk, to come with a full tank of fuel and an additional 5-10l to have for two days of competition.
  • Briefing: after confirmation of arrival and registration of all drivers, there will be a short briefing where we will introduce participants to the schedule of events and activities during the day (24 May) and in the evening a briefing for tomorrow (25 May). Everything will be posted on the bulletin board.
  • Farm Park: The place for storing motorbikes will be clearly marked and provided, upon arrival and accommodation of competitors, obtaining information at the info desk, all competitors are OBLIGED to hand over the motorbike to the organizer, ie to put it in the farm park. The motorcycle from the park farm can be exported only by the competitor with the mark he receives from the organizers. A motorcycle can leave the farm park only if the competitor: rides a prologue or starts the race. At the end of the ride, participants are required to return the motorcycle to the farm park.
  • Behavior and responsibility of competitors: Own responsibility is the only rule!. It is strictly forbidden to ride a motorcycle around the place in this case Banja Kovijača. Any competitor who acts against this rule will be disqualified. It is forbidden to start the engine if you do not go to the start or make repairs, so starting is necessary. On sections that are registered as a Public Road, each competitor is responsible for himself as a participant in traffic without any responsibility of the organizers and is subject to applicable laws. All responsibility related to public roads in the Republic of Serbia lies exclusively with the competitors. During the event (directly on the prologue and the track), the use of alcohol by drivers is strictly prohibited. Competitors are required not to leave their personal belongings and equipment unattended, because the organizer is not responsible for any of the above. Only motorcycles in Parc Ferme will be monitored and guarded by licensed security. Each competitor enters the competition at his own risk. Civil or criminal liability for any damage done to yourself or any other competitor rests solely with the competitors. We reserve the right to amend this paragraph, of which the competitors will be notified in a timely manner.
  • The organizer may disable access to the competition or eliminate during the competition competitors who:
  • does not respect rules and regulations;
  • behaves aggressively or unsportsmanlike;
  • in any way disrupts the holding of the competition;
  • creates an unpleasant and tense atmosphere;
  • does not respect the rules of the Special Spa Koviljača, the local population pollutes the nature of the mountain Gučevo.
  • Protective equipment and technical correctness: Protective equipment is MANDATORY for all participants (offroad helmet, goggles, boots, chest and back protectors, as well as protectors for upper and lower extremities.…) Every participant who appears at the start without parts of protective equipment will be disqualified. Motorcycles must have OFF ROAD tires that meet the requirements for safe driving. Classes A, B, Veteran and C are limited to motorcycles whose working volume does not exceed 550cc for safety reasons. A driver who does not meet the above conditions will not be able to start.


Competitors are expected to stick on their motorcycles all the promotional materials they receive from the organizers.

The entire route of the race is off-road.

On the parts of the road between the parc farm and the start line, between the finish line and the park farm, or if there are parts of the main road that connect some parts of the track, competitors must drive in accordance with the laws of Serbia applicable to all roads in the country. All responsibility related to public roads in the Republic of Serbia lies exclusively with the competitors.

Competitors are required not to leave their personal belongings and equipment unattended, as the organizer is not responsible for any of the above. Only motorcycles in Parc Ferme will be supervised and guarded by the organizers.

Each competitor enters the competition at his own risk.

Civil or criminal liability for any damage done to yourself or any other competitor rests solely with the competitors.


Each competitor is obliged to take all safety measures in order to avoid their own injuries, injuries of other competitors, spectators, participants in the organization of the race, domestic and wild animals, to prevent damage to vehicles, private and public property.

When approaching a slower competitor, the faster competitor must clearly indicate his presence to the slower competitor before overtaking. The slower competitor is not obliged to notice the faster one, nor to maneuver his motorcycle in order to allow the faster competitor to overtake him.

At the points where the routes of different classes meet, the drivers of the weaker class are obliged to miss the faster competitors from the stronger class.

In the event that any of the competitors notices that another competitor has been injured, he must first make sure that his safety is endangered, and then immediately report the injury to the rescue service or the organizer. If this is not possible, they will report the Check Point to the nearest member of the race staff in that case. In case that is not possible either, he will report the injury to the first person who clearly bears the insignia of the organizers or is any kind of helper to the organizers.

The time a competitor spent helping another injured competitor will be deducted from the race time that day. This will be carried out by the race director following the information he receives from the competitor who provided assistance, the competitor who was injured, as well as from the witness.

In the event of a technical malfunction, motorcycles must be removed from the track immediately to avoid potential contact with other competitors.

In case of technical problems or injuries, competitors must not leave the track. Leaving the trail is prohibited. The only way to leave the trail is through checkpoints, following instructions from members of the organization.

Driving on a clearly marked path in the opposite direction to the direction of the path, in any length, for any reason is strictly prohibited!

In case of extreme weather conditions (strong winds, lightning and thunder, fog, snow or heavy rain) the organizer reserves the right to change the race schedule or to shorten the race duration for safety reasons. In very rare cases, racing days may be repeated or canceled.


Timetable: All participants should respect the timetable specified by the organizer, the start and end times of the ride will be determined for each class separately, highlighted on the site and info desk. Upon arrival and registration for Gucevo challenger 2024 at the info desk you will receive all the necessary information about the time of the event. The beginning or end of the event can be postponed or postponed in case of force majeure (weather disasters, etc.)


The basic rule of the GUCEVO CHALLENGER 2024 competition is based on the fact that the shortest time wins.

Time is calculated according to the formula:

Time Day 1 (enduro) + Day 2 (enduro) + time penalties (if any) = total time.

If the driver does not finish the race, he will receive a time penalty from the organizer for the unfinished part of the track. The competitor who duly fulfills all the conditions, finishes the race, passes all the checkpoints in accordance with the rules, in the shortest time, will be the winner of the competition. We will have a winner in each category. (A, B, C and Veteran). Since this rule does not apply to the Tourist class, we will get their measurement for the winner by the fact that each of the competitors who applies will have to drive two specials, ie speeds, where his time will be measured. Speed ​​1 + Speed ​​2 = total time


Day 1 - Prologue + ENDURO:

  • Competitors who do not start at the Prologue - will be awarded a time penalty of 30 minutes.
  • Competitors who start at the Prologue but do not finish the same - they will be given the worst time

Prologue, the time of the last placed competitor who started and finished the prologue

Day 1 and 2 - Enduro:

The checkpoint is not certified in the following situations:

  • The contestant did not arrive at the checkpoint;

The competitor comes to the checkpoint from the opposite direction in relation to the normal direction of the track, or from the track for another category;

  • The competitor leaves the checkpoint in the opposite direction from the direction of the race, or goes in the direction of the track for the second category;
  • Failure to stop at a checkpoint or stop outside an established corridor;
  • Overtaking at a checkpoint or within an established corridor;
  • The competitor remains in the established corridor of the checkpoint even after receiving confirmation that he has been registered for that checkpoint.

Missing a checkpoint will be sanctioned with a time penalty of 10 - 240 minutes (will be announced during the competitor's briefing). Any additional time penalties may be awarded to drivers who are missing certain parts of the track (these penalties will also be explained at the competitor's briefing).

Day 1 - Enduro, Day 2 have the maximum time for the end of the race which will be announced by the organizers during the informing of the competitors. Competitors who are still on the track after the maximum time for the end of the race will go to the next checkpoint where they will follow the instructions they will receive from the organizers.

Disqualification of competitors may occur in the following situations:

Moving off the route marked by the organizers in order to achieve a better placement carries disqualification from the entire competition

Training on the marked track before the official start of the race;

Refueling with the engine running;

Smoking in the refueling zone;

Failure to stop at checkpoints or any other point of the course, if there is an official of the race organization who requests it;

Speeding, making a lot of noise, driving at one point, raising dust on unpaved roads, and in general any indecent behavior at the scene, will not be tolerated under any circumstances! Respect Banja Koviljac as well as the mountain Gucevo and its inhabitants.

A competitor who has a daily disqualification may start last in his class the next day.

1 day> PROLOGUE + Enduro: Class A, B, Veteran I C.

10:00 am from the park ferme, the participants come to the starting line according to the ordinal numbers.

- Prologue practice lasts 1:00h for all three classes

- after that, the competition part starts and the time measurement that determines the starting position for the same or the second day of the competition.

- Each participant has the right to two time measurements on the prologue, of which the better time will be included in the placement

- the number of participants starting from one will be determined by the organizer as well as the time of the interval between two individuals or groups of drivers.

The prologue will have elements of Cross and Enduro driving with physical obstacles set by the organizers. Obstacles will be demanding but acceptable for all participants in the event.


1 day after prologue (Enduro)> Class A, B, Veteran and C

  • 13:00 organized movement A, B, Veteran I C class to the starting point
  • 13:30 start A class
  • 13:30 start B class
  • 13:30 start Veteran class
  • 14:00 start C class
  • 21:00 briefing, announcement of results and introduction of participants with further activities

Day 2 (Enduro)> Class A, B, Veteran I C

  • 08:30 organized movement A, B, Veteran I C class from the park farm to the starting point
  • 09:00 start A class
  • 09:00 Class B start
  • 09:00 start Veteran class
  • 09:15 start C class
  • 18:00 announcement of results and announcement of winners


- GPS device is optional. The route will be marked in detail as in the previous year. The organizer is not responsible in case someone removed the lanes from the route, turn signs, etc. Competitors bring their GPS device and hand it over to the organizer at the registration. The organizer loads the route in the device and gives the device to the competitor the next day before the start of the race. After the end of the day, the competitor is obliged to hand over the device to the organizer at the very end of the day. The route for these three groups of drivers will be marked with lanes, letters and arrows in much smaller numbers that will determine the direction of movement of drivers A, B, C and Veteran class have most of the common route, separations for A, B, C and Veteran class will be clearly indicated by the signs with which the organizer will acquaint the competitors at the briefing the day before.

Another day:

Class A will be marked with blue stripes

Class B will be marked with blue stripes

The Veteran class will be marked with blue stripes

Class C will be marked with blue stripes

The entire section that the competitors will cover is about 60 km +


Checkpoints will be marked with CP_X (X will represent the checkpoint number)

Competitors are required to stop at checkpoints next to the judges to ensure that their passage through the checkpoint is confirmed and recorded.

Failure to stop at checkpoints will result in absence from a certain checkpoint, ie an appropriate time penalty.

When approaching a checkpoint, competitors must reduce their speed and pay maximum attention to avoid contact with other competitors standing in line, waiting their turn to be noticed by members of the organization. Missing a checkpoint will be sanctioned with a time penalty of 10 - 240 minutes (will be announced during the competitor's briefing). Any additional time penalties may be awarded to drivers who are missing certain parts of the track (these penalties will also be explained at the competitor's briefing). Overtaking is strictly forbidden within the checkpoints!


The organizer will establish special areas for refueling which will be called TANK POINTS (the mark on the track is TP). Gasoline can only be added when the engine is switched off.

The time lost when refueling will not be deducted from the total race time.

Smoking on TP is prohibited, violation is subject to penalty of elimination from the race!

The nearest gas station is 100 m from the farm park


Koviljača Spa is the most famous rehabilitation spa in Serbia. For these reasons, some special rules are necessary, which we have already mentioned to you in the precautionary measures:

Garbage disposal or any other activity that endangers the environment is strictly prohibited both on the prologue and the route and outside

Within the Koviljača Spa, speeding, making a lot of noise, driving at one point, raising dust on unpaved roads, and any indecent behavior are not allowed. This will absolutely not be tolerated and all those who do not adhere to this code will be sanctioned by the envisaged punishment. Respect Banja Koviljača as well as its inhabitants.


Each complaint must be submitted to the Office of the Competition, in writing, in Serbian or English, no later than 30 minutes after the publication of the situation. With the submission of the complaint, a mandatory payment of 30 euros to the club's management, ie. to the organizer.


Thanks to numerous sponsors, we have provided a handful of awards for the first three places in all four classes.

See you at Gučevo!