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o nama 2018 During the past four decades our city has been represented by a dozen of competitors in motosport organised in four - five clubs in various classes from the smallest 50ccs to those strongest whose power often exceeds the drivers capabilities. The biker's gathering trend also took a swing. Clubs from Loznica that bring together a large number of bikers looking for socialising, good time and a large number of kilometres become regular visitors of Moto gatherings and since 2006 they organise well-visited events by themselves. At one point, it is already feeling overloaded with fast driving at over 200 km / h, from the furious collecting  kilometres every weekend, from something that quickly became a cliche and could no longer make the necessary adrenaline dose we have once had on a single thought of driving our first Tomos or BT. One vacuum appeared, empty space and just when we all thought "Who still rides some motorcycles overthere," a thunder of a single cylinder KTM, Husqvarna or some Japanese made bike launched the already forgotten dose of adrenaline because of which we all drive at all.


2 The beginnings of the new HARD ENDURO sport are marked by a number of persistent riders with the usually clumsily chosen motorcycle model. Thus, in these small groups, some KLRs could have been met, even some Africa or Transalp. Today, the group of drivers you can meet in the forest consists of 10-15 enthusiasts with modern machines that can meet the needs of even the most demanding riders.
o nama 2018 3 By participating in competitions organised by XROSS TEAM, we got the idea to promote this sport in the media and with our personal efforts, as well as to provide driving pleasure on one of the most interesting mountains in Serbia, Gučevo to other drivers from all over Serbia and other countries. Mud, rocks and deciduous forest are the three basic elements of Gučevo, we are just guests.